1st Mass Spectrometry School

International Summer School
The Mass Spectrometry Opens on the Environment and the Life
University of Nis, Serbia, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, July 15th – July 19th 2008.
Jointly organized by
Faculty of Science and Mathematics, Nis
University of Nis, Serbia and Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

  • The First Mass Spectrometry School was held at Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, Niš in July 2008.
  • About 70 students from the University of Nis and about 30 chemists from the different laboratories from the South Serbia region took attendance at the Summer school.
  • The scope of School was to introduce attendees with contemporary mass spectrometry methods and their application to various fields of life.

Image of 1st mass

Image of Agenda

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